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Domestic removals – extras that you may not have considered

Throughout the removal build up, there will be a massive weight hanging over your head. The size of a job like packing your whole house in to boxes is not one to be underestimated, so it is well worth spending as much time preparing for it as possible, to ensure that it goes smoothly. However, there are plenty of other things that you may well have missed out if you have let the packing process get in the way. Perhaps you have gone the other way, and are getting a removals company to do your packing for you, and you may well be wondering what exactly you have still to do in order to make sure that the removal goes smoothly. In either case there are tons of things that you can get on with to ensure that your removal goes smoothly, it just takes knowing what they are!

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For a start, go through the removal itself in your mind, and consider everything that needs to be done before you leave the house for good. Up until that moment where you close the door and hand over the keys, there are many things that need to be done. The whole house needs to be cleaned, the fittings that you are taking with your need to be removed, and the electrical wires that are left bare need to be taped up and protected. Where will your pets be, and more importantly, where will your children be? Will you have a bag of essentials packed for emergencies on the road? What will go in it? The list goes on and on, so this is a good way to think about the extras that may slip your mind otherwise. Once you have a list of things that you feel you need to get sorted, put them in to your plan for the move, and ensure that they are ticked off before the day of the move.

If you feel like you have worked out everything than needs sorting and have got it in to the plan, then you should think about de-cluttering. The fact of the matter is that every house collects clutter, and it needs to be sorted out before you move, as otherwise you will be paying your removals company for a Chelsea removal van to shift it, simply so that you can have it taking up room in your new place! Why not just get rid of it earlier and save yourself a bit of cash? A removal will be priced by the amount of work that the company need to do, so the best way to reduce the work is to get rid of things that you don’t need! Go to a car boot sale, and sell things off for a little extra cash, which can go towards the move. If you find that there things that you can’t sell, then you can take them to a charity shop, and recycle anything that they don’t take. Try to avoid landfill sites, as they are terrible for the environment, as well as being extremely expensive!

Once you have de-cluttered the house, you should think about how to approach the move in a structured way to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. This means setting out instructions for your packing service if you have one, or just working out a packing plan for a room by room pack that ensures that things that you need are only packed at the end of the process…

Domestic removals - extras that you may not have considered (http://thelondonmanandvan NULL.jpg)


Removal Experts for London

The London Man and Van are experts in providing fast, safe and reliable removals throughout London and the surrounding areas.

As with all house moves the process can be over whelming, stressful and very time consuming. However rather than burdening yourself with all the hassle, it is wise to invest in the services of a professional company who has years of experience in ensuing your move is taken care of down to the tiniest factor.

London is an extremity for the house mover!

Imagine the stress involved in moving, then imagine the stress of moving in the largest city in England!! It is not so much the process of packing your goods, it is more in relation to the difficulty in transporting yourself throughout the minefield of roads that becomes the problem. The lack of parking space is another problem in itself!

So in short what is already a stress situation becomes enhanced and for many this can be a horrendous experience. So rather than put yourself through this employ the services of a seasoned specialist team of London removal experts such as The London Man and Van Company who are not only experts in moving your items but are also experts in navigating London and the surrounding areas.





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