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First time domestic removals for the beginner

If you are about to move house for the first time, then you are likely aware that you have a bit of a roller coaster ride ahead of you. There are many ways in which the removal can get a bit hectic and stressful, so it makes sense to have as much prior knowledge of the process as possible before you even begin planning. This way you can work in elements of the planning to cover factors that you feel may be an issue. A first time removal is often quite a small one – you are perhaps moving in to your first flat, or out of a flat into your first home with a partner, and for this reason, you may not have a huge amount of furniture. Whether you do or you do not, the same rules about safety and planning apply, except perhaps on a smaller scale. You need to be aware of the potential issues, as then when they crop up, you will be ready and waiting to deal with them in a calm and conserved manner, rather than getting panicked!

Your first time removal planning process is very important. Obviously a larger move will require a bit more planning, and a smaller one can be treated with a little more looseness, though you should still get the planning done in advance, to ensure that you are completely sorted by the time the removal day comes. In the event that you are using a Chiswick man and van service rather than a removals company, there is actually more planning to do on your part, as on a larger removal, the removals company will be the ones dictating much of how the day itself will pan out. If you have not booked your removals company yet, then you need to get on that, as they can be instrumental in the planning process, providing you with tips and ideas about how to make your removal a lot easier overall, and ensuring that everything is done safely.

Work in to your plan the nature of your packing, when you are going to transfer electricity and other energy or communications bills, as well as who will be in charge of what and when. If you have kids or pets, they need to be accountable for at all times, and this means having to work out who is looking after who on every day that the removal takes up. The reality of the situation is that the move should not take up too much of your time if you start well in advance, as then you can spread the jobs out across a couple of weeks or months, ensuring that you are free to do other things for the rest of your time. The ultimate situation is to be able to look across your planning and to realize that in fact you only need to spend a couple of hours or less per day on the removal, to ensure that it all goes to plan. This may be spent packing, picking things up, consorting with the removals team, or anything else, but it must always be geared towards getting the removal done safely and efficiently without the whole thing taking over your life entirely. A good removal will not get inside your head so much as to make the process a negative one. You will find that a well planned first time move will be quite an easy series of steps that you get ticked off. However, if not planned well, it can be a nightmare!

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