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Moving House, the simple method!

People often ask whether there is a simple way of moving house and the truth is moving is rather hectic however you look at it but if you plan the move carefully it doesn’t have to be stressful!
Follow our simple guide for moving house minus the headaches, palaver, fuss or anything else that may be of worry or concern during this time.
Get your thinking caps on!
Instead of sitting back worrying and waiting for the day to arrive start making some plans for moving day by writing a list of all the things that you need to do as well as beginning to carry out certain tasks prior to the day.
Last minute rushing around only sets you up for disaster and leads to stress so instead start to organise this move well in advance.
Don’t waste valuable time!
So, by now you are pretty certain that this move is going to go ahead and are probably thinking what should I do? Or where should I start to get myself prepared?
As soon as you get a certified date for the removal you can begin your quest for finding a suitable removal company to assist you. At this stage booking is not that important however you shouldn’t leave it too long because you do not want to be in a situation where you cannot get the date you want because they are all booked up. So, book early on but before you do book take time to find a good reputable removals company.
Do not book up with the very first company that you come across because you may not know anything about them and their reputation, what you do not want to happen is to book with a dodgy company that cause more than good. Instead take time to find a genuine, friendly, hardworking and more importantly helpful and trustworthy removals firm by asking around or looking online.
Everybody wants to get a great deal when it comes to hiring a man with a van and to do this you should collect a few quotes from different companies to get a good idea about what is a reasonable price to pay and if you are willing to try you could even try to haggle the price down a little by comparing the quotes given by others and making the removals agency aware of it.
Equally important you should ensure that the best removal company you wish to hire can offer you the services you are looking for. Some offer a man and van or self-drive removal vans. Others will offer a whole range of other important services such as packing services and storage units, so try to go with whoever seems to offer those services relevant to you.
Once you have a date available to move there are things which you can do whilst waiting for that date to arrive. You start by clearing out at home, de-clutter why you have the chance as it helps to reduce the amount of contents you have and will make it less work when moving. Most people prefer not to take all of their hoarded unwanted items with them so this gives you a good opportunity to sort through it all now.
In the meantime you can use the valuable time which you may have right now to sort out and organise your home, ready for the move! Do some de-cluttering, minor repair works for private rental properties that will ensure you get your deposit back and also you could do some early packing by packing up all those things that you use less often.
Anything that you can do now makes less work later on!

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