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To pack or not to pack?

We’ve all been in this dilemma. Whenever we have to move out, the question of what to take and what to discard is one of the first ones to crop up in our minds. Sometimes the decision is easy. Other times, it is not. However, there are a few things to take into account that will hopefully help you to make the right decision. You have to be prepared to be quite unsentimental about the whole affair and regard this situation with as much objectivity as possible. In these instances, a friend could be a good source of help since your friend will no doubt have an objective view of the situation. Your friend will be more likely to be unsentimental-too, as these are your things not his!

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Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself:
1) Is the item worth sending or not? If the answer is ‘yes’, pack it, if not, sell it or discard it.
2) Is it truly irreplaceable? In other words, will I be able to buy this item again in my new place? If it is available, will it be more expensive to buy it again than sending it off?
3) Is it practical to send it off? Is it too heavy? Bulky? Too fragile? Will it become damaged during the move or while it’s being shipped abroad? (think about an exercise bike or furniture for instance ) You also have to think that, more likely than not, the people who will handle your boxes and stuff (both in your country and abroad) will not treat it with the same amount of care or love as you do. Sad, but true.
4) Is it something I will really have use for in my new home? Do I really need it? (consider items such as clothes, or home appliances which you can easily buy again)
Finally, you have to also be prepared for the fact that maybe, just maybe, some of your stuff will not arrive in perfect condition. The amount of time, dedication and care you devote to packing (in the best case scenario you can even hire professional packers) will be in direct proportion to the safety of your stuff and how it will arrive at its new home.
Some people, specialized collectors, for instance, become quite worried when having to pack their irreplaceable items. Rare books, hard-to-get vintage LPs or rare musical instruments are only some examples.
Finally, but not least important, consider the fact that, unless you hire professional movers and packers, you will be having to lift and pile up most of the boxes yourself. People with back problems should be especially careful when considering this. Sometimes, it is worth spending a little bit more money. Remember that your body is one of a kind and you will not get another one! You also need to consider the fact that you might have to have space to store the boxes for a few days before the removal van arrives to pick them up.
This is all designed to help you, not only to save money but also to save you a few headaches. Moving out to a new place is quite stressful and it should be tackled so that it is as easy on you as it possibly can be.

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